• Matthew S. Cain, Ph.D
    Startup Operations Expert
    Cognitive Scientist

    Leadership of every successful company or project requires someone with both the technical skills to manage complex execution and the soft skills to manage a diverse set of stakeholders. My education and career have taught me not only statistical analysis, computer programing, and user research, but also fearlessness in the face of bureaucracy and how to mentor those I manage to reach their peak performance. From biotechnology startups to academic laboratories to Army field tests, I am comfortable translating real-world problems into actionable projects and empowering a team to create change. Whether I’m briefing senior leadership, coordinating an engineering team, or mentoring high school students, I know how to make sure results are delivered with maximum impact.

Startup Operations

  • Financial reporting and forecasting
  • Project management
  • Regulatory, insurance, and tax compliance
  • HR administration and payroll systems
  • Human research ethics and regulations
  • Full-stack website development

Cognitive Science

  • Data analysis 
  • R and Matlab programming
  • Military and governmental granting processes
  • Usability and human factors analyses 
  • Human research ethics and regulations
  • VR/AR and human-computer interaction technologies